snack plate "ChiAmDo"

Actually do i call it...
Snackplate "ChiAmDo" (sounds funny) and..

cos on it you´ll find:

- springrolls with soy sauce

- BBQ Chicken stick (with the DipiDin smoked honey BBQ brush on) and a spicy Potatoe wedge

- Platano balls (bake banana - non sweet banana) on guacamole

BBQ Chix

Platano Balls & Guacamole

there in the back "the springrolls"
                                      filled with carrot, cabage, onion, garlic and loads of surprising spices


Filled potatoe shell with oregano-garlic egg foam

How to prepare:

Cook the the potatoe (skin left on) till soft enough to take the inside out with a spoon.
The empty skin byside.
Chop the potatoe inside into small pieces. Mix with "marrocan spices" (thats what i use), chilly?, tiny choped onion and garlic. Salt, pepper and a bit of cheese (best cheddar)
Fitt the potatoe shells with these mixture and add too hot oil (so deep that just the shells in). Place with spoon the egg foam (egg white with a bit of salt, garlic powder and oregano) on each shell and...TOP ON POT. As soon the foam gets a bit brown...
Ready to serve!


ginger & garlic rice in banana leaf

How to prepare

fresh ginger
Olive oil (garlic taste)
banana leafes

So actually did i cook the rice with fresh ginger (choped) and a bit of salt before.
Cut the leafes into little squares and clean them with water.
You can cook them as well in Water before (makes them a bit tender and better to falt)
Brush garlic olive oil on them or reg. olice oil with thin sliced garlic.
Place 1,5 Sp. rice in the middle and falt into a little package.
To tide up i always use the stronger middle of the leaf.
Stew till the colour of leafes gets a bit dark.

Suggestion: While preparing a bit of garlic butter in the middle of the Rice!


Chilly&Herbs piglets on Mango-Amaretto jelly

How to prepare

Mango-Amaretto jelly:

1 mid.size Mango
Almond syrup
4cl. Amaretto
1 - 2 Sp. brown sugar
pack. gelatin

Chop the mango into small pieces
 (as fresher the mango as better to use and as less sugar you need!)
Cook with water (half of what the Jelly pack is telling u),
 1 - 2 Sp.brown sugar (not much more, cos it still has to match well with the Chilly piglets)
and some drops of almond syrup.
Stir well while cooking. As soon its going to get creamy take away from heat!!! Add 4cl of Amaretto and 1 pack of gelatin (4serv.) to it and stir well for at least a minute.
Fill into a square box. As soon a bit cold...in the fridge till its kind hard enough to cut.

120g of white flour
1tsp.baking powder
1 mid.-big egg
80 ml Milk
Chilly seeds (depend how hot you want them to be)
1 tsp. Oregano
1 tsp. Basil
tiny bit of Garlic
 Salt and Pepper

Actually all together (till creamy) in order as listed.
leave it to settle for around 10 minutes.
Brush some oil in a frying pan
place the Piglets (with a spoon) in it and fry one side till you see little bubbles on top, than the other side.

Together with Jelly..Ready to serve!

Suggestion: a bit of coconut as decoration on top the jelly